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About Simon Says Coffee & Our Mission

People are too lonely and too busy in the big city. The idea was to solve this problem. What if people can stop for a quick coffee and meal while connecting with others in a friendly environment? No dark restaurants. No wasting time to be served and no expensive bill.


Hence Simon Says Coffee Bar – a small coffee shop located downtown San Diego. Unlike regular coffee shops, we serve you with a real authentic smile and provide unique blends as well as inspirational and motivational themes and messages to make your day positive and impactful.


And just like a European open air coffee bar, you can meet people and have a real coffee experience.

What We Serve

Simon’s Drip Coffee
Simon’s Iced Coffee
Cold Brew Bottle
Hot Chocolate

The Simon Says Blog

10 Facts Coffee Aficionado’s May Not Know

Anyone who has ever sipped to completion a cup of piping hot coffee knows full well the resulting boost of energy that prepares one for the day. However, did you know that you really don’t need a cup of Joe when you wake up? Like many coffee drinkers, you have likely formed a routine to … Continue reading “10 Facts Coffee Aficionado’s May Not Know”

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5 Benefits of Daily Coffee Consumption

If you grabbed a coffee at some point today, you’re doing yourself a favor. That’s because there are numerous HEALTH benefits to drinking coffee aside from perking you up and starting off your day.

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5 Ways Coffee May Reduce Stress

If you’re one of the 54% of Americans over age 18 (or one of the 100 million American coffee drinkers) who consume daily doses of coffee, you may be interested in knowing that recent research has determined that a cup of Joe you’re drinking may actually relieve stress. Let’s look at 5 ways coffee may reduce stress.

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Coffee from A to Z

Ever got all whimsical and philosophical when sipping a hot cup of coffee? Ever wondered where it originated? There are many amazing facts and interesting trivia associated with this enjoyable beverage. Let’s take a glimpse at coffee and learn some things you perhaps never knew.

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What The Experience Is Like

What Coffee Lovers Are Saying...

  • Great spot downtown for coffee, friendly and welcoming staff who are happy to shoot the breeze with you as you enjoy your artisan roast coffee.

    Large selection of pastries as well to help you start your day. Jamie the barista makes a great flat white and clearly knows her coffee as it wasn’t on the menu and she prepared it without a 2nd thought.

    Jurgen D
  • Got a mocha here twice and both times service was great and so were the mochas. Such a cute little outdoor/walkup shop too! It’s unique and I enjoy supporting, local, unique, good businesses!

    Katie F
  • This coffee stand is adorable, the staff is friendly, and the coffee is delicious. Great location and great prices! I got the Americano and easily spent a half hour people watching in the heart of the Gaslamp! I’ll be back for sure. Thank you for a great cup of coffee!

    Delaney D
  • Great drip cup of coffee, cute and quaint little outdoor stand in the heart of Gaslamp, I told the owner that the high yelp reviews were one of the reasons I chose the place, and we got into a good discussion and he even was nice enough to give my mom some free chocolates he had, A+ coffee and service.

    Alan B
  • My cappuccino was perfect! Don’t hesitate to grab a quick cup of coffee or a croissant here.

    Tania x
Opening Hours
  • Monday 7am - 3pm
  • Tuesday 7am - 3pm
  • Wednesday 7am - 3pm
  • Thursday 7am - 3pm
  • Friday 7am - 2am
  • Saturday 7am - 2am
  • Sunday 7am - 3pm